What You Should Know About Fat Burners

about fat burners

It is true that you can lose fat using fat burners, but you should not just rely on something without doing your research.

Are fat burners the ultimate source of losing fat from the body and becoming fit again? Not exactly; they are supplements designed to shed the fat from the body, but like every supplement contains their pros and cons.

Fat burners are half effective if you don’t know the right use of them. And if they are not used properly, then they can develop many serious medical conditions. It is important to learn how to properly use these best fat burners as explained in this article.

Healthy Diet is Key to Fat Loss

People who use supplements believe that they will lose weight without any work. While it is true that fat burners pace up your metabolism rate to increase the amount of fat you burn in a day, but if you don’t stop from gaining up more fat then they will become useless. You have to follow an effective diet plan to gain up energy and keep yourself fit while the fat burners are doing their work. A healthy diet with no junk food will result in faster weight loss. One of the easy ways is to follow a healthy diet by noticing what you eat each day. Once you note down your diet, then you can find how many calories you are eating in a day. This will tell you if you will lose weight or not. Strictly follow your calorie limit, so you don’t overeat. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet plan, and you will soon see the results of your fat burner taking effect.

Don’t Expect Too Much

You should be real when you want to lose weight. Stay with the facts rather than shifting into fantasy and expecting too much. Don’t expect that the fat burner will make you fit in just a month.

Fat burners are there to help you in shedding fat without too much work, but if you expect something like losing 40 pounds in a month, then you are simply expecting too much. A healthy weight loss is 4-pound s in a week. But that is not the average rate, after some time this rate will decrease.

Don’t focus on losing fast but losing healthy. You don’t want to end up like a skeleton after the weight loss; you want to look healthy and fit.

Write down how much weight you should be losing in a week and make that your goal. Don’t expect more from that, and you will achieve your goals without any stress.

Don’t Take More

Fat burners are like medicine which need to be taken in a set dosage otherwise can become harmful. Fat burners are designed to work effectively on your body when taken in a set amount. Taking more of fat burners doesn’t mean that you will lose fat faster.

Dosage should be listed on the fat burner. You always should go for the lowest dosage for first few weeks then you can increase it if you are not satisfied with results. However, don’t take more than what is written.

Take a Look at Your Caffeine Intake

How much cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Note it down then look at the ingredients of your fat burner. Does it contain a large amount of caffeine? If so then you should be careful about your caffeine intake. Some fat burners’ nutrition facts don’t directly include caffeine. Note it down and do your research, you really don’t want to combine coffee with a caffeine-rich fat burner. Please ignore the information from Beauty Greats that we shared here previously.

While you might think that more caffeine can increase your weight loss speed and keep you energized, it is not the case. More caffeine means your body will wear out quickly and you will feel extreme fatigue.

Switch to decaf coffee while you are taking weight loss supplements. This will provide you the necessary energy and don’t interfere with your supplement, resulting in healthy weight loss.

Record Your Progress

You should record your progress starting from the third week of your use of fat burners. But don’t skip on it; you must record your progress. You have to know whether the fat burner is working on your body or not. You can only know this by recording your progress. Take pictures or use weight measuring machine. Note it down each week.

Certain ingredients are better for some people while not for others. If you see no or hardly noticeable changes, then you should change your fat burner.

In conclusion, you need to keep a lot of things in your mind other than remembering to take your weight loss supplements. Every fat burner will not work for you. You will have to find the right product and once you do, stick to it.

Fat Burners: The Harmful Side

With the increasing demand of having a perfect, fit body, fat burner industry is at its peak. With TV and magazines displaying how you should look like, many people have started looking for easy ways to improve their looks. People that want to reduce weight think of fat burner supplements as the ultimate savior. These supplements include ephedrine and caffeine as common ingredients. While it is true that fat burners can help you in reducing weight, you should also look at the negatives effects they can have on your body.

Blood Pressure

The fat burners burn your body by increasing your metabolism which makes it lose fat at a faster pace. According to some researchers, the common ingredient found in fat burners “Ephedrine” can have negative effects on your body which includes increased blood pressure and heart rate.


When your metabolism works at a faster pace, it can disturb your sleep. When your body does not get proper rest, you will start feeling extreme fatigue, weakness, and your immune system will get weaken, leaving you open to illness.


Fat burners may not only harm your body, but they are bad for your mind as well. According to the researchers from Vanderbilt University, fat burners can increase anxiety, nervousness, and can make you aggressive and emotional. It is also seen that some people even harm themselves.


It is a medical condition in which you become weak because of lack of water in your body. Researchers say that caffeine and ephedrine found in fat burners increase the metabolism rate while also causes dehydration in the body. Dehydration causes headaches, weakness and if not hydrated soon, you can even collapse.


Yes, it is true. Fat burners can cause death. According to Margie James, a professional bodybuilder, fat burners can be sold without permission from FDA. In 2003, the sale of fat burners with ephedrine was banned because an athlete supposedly died because of it. However, it is the buyer who is mainly responsible for what fat burners do to his or her body.