Weightlifting and Running Shoes – What’s the difference?

As more and more people nowadays are starting to exercise, it is important that they know the difference between the two most common styles of shoes for these activities. There are the running shoes and the weightlifting shoes, both offering different features and advantages benefiting the person that uses them immensely depending on the kind of activity, but at the same time decreasing the effectiveness and results if misused.

If you want to know more about the difference it makes when you use the wrong or the right shoes, take a look further into this article to find out!

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The Difference

This is where we can see the difference between them, where the best weightlifting shoes are designed to offer more support, better balance and effectiveness in training while running shoes are mostly made to offer more comfort while running and flexibility in order to make every step more comfortable.

Most people don’t really know the difference between running shoes, walking shoes, CrossFit shoes, weightlifting shoes, sneakers or even sports shoes like soccer shoes or basketball shoes. Even when some of them look similar and almost the same as others and share a lot of similar details and features, most of the shoes are actually designed specifically to be used in a certain activity.

However, these shoes may share similar features and at the same time, several differences. Here you have a brief description of both:

Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes look very similar to running shoes, but the difference lays on the functionality and design. Where weightlifting shoes are mostly made to support feet in most activities and sports with their perfect stability, balance, and comfortability they offer. However, they are not good at all for running, as they tend to be heavier than running shoes and their sole tends to be a little harder, something that can eventually hurt when running.

Also, these shoes are perfect for training, gym sessions, weightlifting and even jumping. As they offer more balance and stability because they have better paddles and hard soles that help the user perform better at activities that involve pressure on the feet.

Especially when it comes to weightlifting or training sessions, these shoes will unexpectedly come in handy. As these shoes are specially made with lateral support, a more durable and hard sole, pressure on feet and legs that are supported by its design.

Running Shoes

On the other hand, running shoes are a little different from weightlifting shoes. They are mostly lightweight because they need to be more versatile when it comes to running and at the same time, offer great support for the feet in order to avoid injuries or problems coming from wrong steps.

The cushioning and flexibility of these shoes tend to be great, with a more flexible sole and soft and easy to bend. Even so, the materials that are used on the upper part of the shoe is lightweight, strong enough to support the feet and avoid breaking apart but soft enough to maintain feet comfortable.

These shoes also have bigger or taller heels, specially made to deliver more support when running. The toe region or front part of these shoes tends to be flexible and opened, giving enough space to toes to move freely when running to avoid damages with nails, for example.

Running shoes are specially designed to offer runners much more energy when running, bringing the whole force from the legs to the feet and giving more comfortability in every step, thanks to the curved sole they have and their softer design.

Why is this Difference Important?

Most people nowadays don’t know the importance of using the proper shoes for the right activity. When selecting footwear, they prefer to choose the one that looks best and not the one that offers the best features for the right activity. This can end up in lack of performance, unbalance, little comfortability and even injuries.

That’s why it is important to know which are the shoes specially designed for a certain activity. When it comes to running and training shoes, using the correct ones will bring much more effectiveness, comfortability, support and avoidance of many injuries.

Choose the right shoe depending on your necessities, and we assure you that you will be grateful!